CMID Tool User Guide


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The Cluster Munition Identification Tool has been developed by Geneva International Centre Humanitarian Demining to assist those responsible for stockpiles to establish whether they hold material that falls under the definitions and scope of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM). The tool is also designed to provide additional technical and identification information for all those working in the field with cluster munitions and submunitions.

How to Use

Browse by bomb or submunition:

  • Use the browse options to identify an unknown bomb or submunition on the basis of its characteristics
  • Filter results by:
    1. Bomb or submunition
    2. Bomb/submunition type/shape
    3. Dimensions, country of manufacture
  • The tool automatically updates to show a list of possible munitions or submunitions
  • Use the search bar to look up a known munition or submunition designation. Partial designations can be used if the full designation is not known.
  • Cyrillic or other alphabetic designations need to be entered using Roman script. Later versions of the tool may offer the option of entering designations in other scripts.
  • The search tool only takes into account letters and numbers. It does not matter whether spaces, hyphens or other symbols are, or are not, included when entering the designation.
Munition Records:
  • Select a record (or multiple records by holding control) and click search.
  • The tool will show the munition record, including the specifications, associated munitions/submunitions and images.
  • The record also states whether the munition is prohibited by Article 2 of the Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM).
Strike signatures:

  • Use the strike signatures section to browse images of cluster munition signatures – impacts, debris, parachutes and ancillary components
  • Some signature images are generic while others are linked to particular munitions.
Strike footprints:

  • Use the strike footprints tool to view simple illustrative dispersion cones and footprints of cluster munitions.
  • Use the slider on the right hand side to vary the altitude of release.
  • Use the slider at the top to vary the terrain.
  • The window automatically updates to show projected dispersion cones and footprints.
Discussion forum & image upload:

  • Use the discussion forum to view and reply to previous discussion threads and post new discussion topics.
  • Images can be attached to discussion posts.
  • Use the image upload to post an image and/or message.
  • Multiple images should be combined in a Zip file before upload.
  • There is a 10MB upload limit for the discussion forum and image upload facilities.
  • All discussion posts and images are subject to moderation by the CMID Tool administrator prior to public display.

Key to Icons

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Search Cluster, dispenser Submunition, DPICM
Browse by cluster munition Cluster, mortar Submunition, fin
Browse by submunition Cluster, projectile Submunition, other
Strike signatures Cluster, rocket/missile Submunition, spin
Strike footprints Calibre/diameter Fuzed Length
Discussion forum Unfuzed Length Weight
Image upload Explosive weight / filler Country of Manufacture
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